Gabriel Royal – SXSW 2017 Top 20

Gabriel Royal (New York, NY) is a super talented cellist creating unique, beautiful baroque pop infused with soul and R&B.

Bio: It takes a while for Gabriel Royal’s musical style to strike you. His songs build up slowly, the arrangements between his singing and cello playing pulling you in and… you are hooked. You might think that’s too long of a time to pay attention to music nowadays, then think about how it took Gabriel five years busking on the New York city subway to finally get noticed and have his first album recorded.

The album’s first video for the R&B infused “Say It’s Right”, directed by Blake Farber, is a delicate and intimate portrayal of Gabriel’s unique way of singing over his own cello playing.  This is not music for the Vine generation, forever seeking instant gratification. These are songs that grow with each listen, expanding its power inside of you. The son of a musician, always having a piano, guitar and drums around the house, Gabriel Royal began singing in his diapers in Muskogee, Oklahoma, making songs to sing for trees, according to his mother. (continued)

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