SXSW 2016 Top 20

The SXSW 2016 Top 20 is  incredible artists in an eclectic mix of genres.  From EDM to bluegrass it’s all here. We are adding more artists as SXSW add more to the lineup check back or follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Andy Clockwise (Electronic) has a dark husky voice backed with guitar riffs, each song seems to showcase a different sound, from orchestral strings to new wave synths to disco drum beats.
For Esmé
(Pop) effortlessly gets you moving, whether furiously moving your feet to bright cheery dance synth beats backed with guitar riffs to their more relaxed head bobbing grooves with zero rock guitar tracks.
Declan McKenna
(Rock)  indie rock right, polished sounds with emotive vocals and lyrics!
Magic Giant
(Folk) knocks out huge indie folk bangers!
Diet Cig
(Pop)  pop rock sits right on the edge of angst and elation!
(Rock) beautiful pop ballads with alluring and haunting vocals!
Open Mike Eagle
(Rap) drops insanely substantial bars over his signature art rap beats, alternating between fast spoken word flow and singing!
Overcoats (Folk)  a folk/electro duo with a fresh sound, spectacular vocals and stunning harmonies.
Barns Courtney (Americana) – beautiful roots rock music with soul for days!
The Accidentals
(Folk) – fresh folk music from a very fresh three piece!
Charlie Belle
(Pop) – sister\brother band that rock peppy alt-pop like seasoned pros!
Stööki Sound
(Electronic)- solid dark EDM with with hints of grime and trap.
King Mez
(Hip Hop) – bars are tight and sharp, the production and music blend beautifully with raw lyrics
Possessed by Paul James (Bluegrass) – solo bluegrass musician with a killer sound that is much larger than one man should be able to produce
Sweet Spirit (Rock) – embodies their name, creating “get your ass moving” dance-able indie rock tracks!
Cosmo Sheldrake (Electronic) –  combines intricate loops and smooth vocals into eclectic and uniquely beautiful songs
Powers (Pop) – blends funk, soul, and electro-pop into irresistible tracks that must be danced to.
Alex Vargas (Singer-Songwriter) – soulful vocals will bring chills and the haunting music will remain with you (removed from SXSW 2016)
And The Kids (Pop) – blend beautiful vocals and rich instruments to create an awesome indie pop sound
PWR BTTM (Punk) – fantastic punk rock duo from New York
Oh Pep! (Folk) –  Melbourne folk pop band that you can easily judge by their name.



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