Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015, Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX: Photos – Write-up

Guest writer ManVsParty Photo credit: Luis Bustos

After a decade of bringing quality entertainment to Austin, Fun Fun Fun Fest is still going strong and only getting better with age. The mid-fall event held at Auditorium Shores, backdropped by the ever changing Austin skyline, one again stood out among so many of the music events in Austin each year.

The beauty of Fun Fun Fun Fest comes from making the event truly unique, not only by the wide diversity of the music, but by incorporating fun at every level. Where else do you get twerking lessons from Big Freedia followed by a motivational speech by Andrew W.K.? You get the insanity of a Peaches set, which this year included a proposal, followed by her shooting t-shirt wrapped tacos out of the famous taco cannon. Taking a break away from the music you can still check out awesome local art or watch pro skaters and BMX riders amaze on the Volcom Super Collider. And after spending up to 11 hours at the festival you can still go out and see some of your favorite acts at venues around town for no additional charge because of Fun Fest Nites.

The wide range of music caters specifically to the music fan that loves everything and not just one particular genre. You’re welcome to hang out at the Black Stage all night if you wish, but why would you miss the opportunity to at least check out Wu-Tang Clan for at least one song? You can’t miss that the event is run, right down to security and stage handlers, by people who truly love music, comedy and art in Austin. Every detail is handled by fans of the bands they’re bringing out and at times have to leave their spot behind the bar to go play or tell some jokes, that’s the kind of stuff you really don’t see anywhere else. This festival feels like it is for people that go to see live music day in and day out, not just for those who spend 3 nights out of the year at a music festival.

Fun Fun Fun Fest remains, at least in my opinion, the premier Austin event, here’s to 10 more years!

Photographer: Luis Bustos (FlickrInstagram)

Quick slideshow of the pro BMX riders, Music Felon (James ATX) caught.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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